Blueprints for Growth

Nexus uses a “blended” approach to investing in growing companies throughout Africa and other markets.

Depending on the transaction, our investment model combines direct debt or equity investment (contingent upon due diligence) combined with traditional investment banking to complete and close the transaction.

Together with our investment partners, Nexus can make a strategic minority investment as a percentage of the overall capital raise into a client transaction and then, through our investment banking group, raises the balance of the required capital from other institutional lenders and investors on a fee basis.

We work across a range of sectors including (but not limited to): Agriculture, energy, manufacturing, financial services, FMCG, mining, logistics and healthcare.

Our approach is based on the following five major principles:

  • Conservative and Disciplined: A conservative and disciplined approach to our transactions seeks to produce the highest consistent returns. We seek sound, growing companies with strong management teams.

  • Industry Specialization: Since its inception, Nexus has employed an industry-focused approach to investing and investment banking. In-depth knowledge of specific industries improves our ability to source deals, conduct deep due diligence, and develop strong relationships with management teams.

  • Auction Avoidance: Non-competitive situations account for the vast majority of our transactions to date. We avoid the auction process and do not bid on deals.

  • Value Add: Our investment professionals devote a significant amount of their time to working closely with portfolio companies. Each transaction is unique and requires that the management of client companies is realistic and dedicated to the process.

  • The Nexus Edge: We generally decline transactions unless we believe we have an edge over the competition such as industry knowledge and expertise, the ability to move quickly to commit to transactions, and positive relationships with management teams.

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