Nexus Capital Markets, LLC provides proprietary actionable intelligence on Africa and Europe’s public markets - and the companies that comprise them - to institutional investors that is not available elsewhere.

Our research is driven by innovative approaches that deliver targeted macro and micro guidance to our clients. Leveraging our presence in over 20 countries across Africa as well as in many of Europe’s key growth markets, Nexus provides cutting edge thought leadership and economic transparency into geographies that offer significant investment opportunities - but extensive risks as well.

Our analysts provide deep insight into the economic and political growth drivers behind Africa and Europe – and provide coverage on the key sectors that drive growth in these regions. As with all markets, developing or developed, the majority of these sectors are inter-related and are dependent upon broader macro-economic trends for continued growth and value creation.

Nexus additionally covers the “emerging giants” in these markets; growth-oriented players who are either growing beyond their peers in their home market or accumulating market share on a pan-regional basis to become the next generation of market leaders.