These are the attributes that make Nexus a thought leader in both Africa and Europe. Our decade’s long experience in these regions - as well as a deep understanding of the political and cultural nuances that define each of these markets – positions Nexus at the intellectual forefront of the cross-border investment banking. Our deep roots in Africa and Europe allow us to operate across both continents and deploy best practices within each client engagement.

Nexus works with both market leaders as well as the new “emerging giants” in a variety of industries and sectors; from Manufacturing, Energy, and Pharmaceuticals to Financial Services, Agriculture and Retail.

As a cross-border investment bank, we pride ourselves in deeply understanding the many industries we work in as well as in having a keen insight into the people, cultural differences, and the political and security risks that are ever-present in these markets as well. Invariably, it is the attention to these details that are often the difference makers in the success or failure of a transaction.

With banking teams comprised of professionals from multiple countries, Nexus brings the cultural sensitivity, broad thought leadership, and experience necessary to complete transactions and investments across both Africa and Europe.