The outlook for Europe in 2015 and beyond is for a challenging economic environment at best. Volatility and uncertainty dominate the collective EU mindset.

As a result, corporates in Europe are starting to make adjustments - both operationally and financially - to ensure their ability to weather these shifting headwinds. The need to overcome limited access to liquidity - driven by broadly constrained European banks - will continue to feed the demand for access to innovative funding and capital solutions across Europe from the Balkans to France, Germany, and Spain.

As European economies continue to shift and slowly recover, business and consumer confidence are gradually beginning to return. We believe that the path to recovery hinges on businesses’ ability to invest in people, raise productivity, and rebuild trust and confidence.

Nexus Capital delivers advanced capital solutions for companies with sound management teams and profitable growth strategies but who lack access to the specific type funding and corporate finance advisory that meets their needs. Nexus Capital the partner of choice to meet the challenges of today’s uncertain economic climate in Europe.